Adamar, elven Cleric of Sol Arrah

Character concept

A former soldier who lost himself in the war and seeks a way to right the wrongs he “caused” by helping those in need….providing healing when he can and protection to those who can’t protect themselves.


a. While he has blocked many of the terrible memories of the war from his conscious thought, he seeks to erase them from the past. Perhaps by doing enough good, he can counter the evil that he has been involved in?

b. Help raise those suffering within Sharn to a better status. Especially those who are not able to do so by themselves.

c. Pay back those who were responsible for the war in a way which they might understand. Although this desire is within him, it is buried deep behind the more immediate goals. If the opportunity presented itself, he might act on it, and with a vengeance. However, this isn’t a goal that he actively seeks to achieve

d. He would like to find some of the men he served with in the army, if any of them are even alive. There were so few that made it through that last battle…


a. Through his work with children in the city, and in attempting to find them ways to stay out of trouble as well as earn some much needed money, he has met Balth and the two have shared information about various children on a number of occasions.

b. In addition, he has had a few run ins with Shem when trying to locate parents or relatives of those that he has met within the city that needed to find them. In fact, a decent sum of money has exchanged hands between the two although now, the information which Adamar can provide about various groups within the city is fairly valuable in trade.


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