Thorenthuil ir'Dural

Thorenthuil is Brelish of noble birth, a scholar-arcanist who saw some action in the Last War.


The youngest of 7 siblings, Thorenthuil was never in contention for the throne of a backwater barony south of the King’s Forest. His aptitude led him in a very different direction for his voracious appetite for books and knowledge and his talent for the arcane arts was recognized early in his childhood. Coming from the priviledged class afforded him some of the best private tutors, learned scholars and brilliant magi. Thorenthuil excelled in his studies so much so, he gained early admittance to Morgrave University in Sharn.

In his first year of study at Morgrave, Thorenthuil distinguished himself such that he was given the honor to participate in the foreign exchange program with the College of Aureon’s Holt (law and oratory) where he took full advantage of the legendary Library of Korranberg.

During the summers, Thorenthuil volunteered for field expeditions to recover arcane artifacts from across Khorvaire. The challenge of discovery was reward enough for Thorenthuil, but he gained far more including knowledge, camaraderie and scholarship. That these expeditions sometimes entailed danger was fully disclosed, though they were an eye-opener at first. But being chosen to take part was nevertheless a priviledge limited to a handful of the most capable students.

Upon graduating with distinguished honors, Thorenthuil accepted teaching and research positions at Morgrave where he taught law, history, religion and arcana. It was towards the end of the second term when there were a series of grizzly kidnapping and murders. The Citadel requested Thorenthuil lend a hand with the investigation. Thus began his second career as a special inspector assisting with the investigation of particularly difficult and heinous crimes.

Sharn was close enough to his family home such that he was able to visit his family and vice-versa from time to time. Or on occasion, he’d visit his older brother Maxx ir’Dural (who was second in line) serving at Court in the capital in Wroat.

The Last War

With the war raging unabated, Thorenthuil continued to teach as best he can. A few of his star pupils later became reknowned arcanist in their own right during and after the War. His family, like many Brelish, especially those with ties to the royal Court, were mobilized to do their part in the war. Morgrave conveniently shielded Thorenthuil even while the Last War continued.

However, the calls to arms to defend Breland (and replenish the fallen ranks), became not only incessant, but also ever more desperate. Thorenthuil could no longer ignore such calls or pleading from his father and older brothers. His talents in the arcane arts was in too great a demand. At the same time, many of the student body were depleted as students responded to the clarion calls.

The Last War by any measure was brutal. Thorenthuil, adding his strategic mind and his spellpower to the cacophony of destruction, fought with great distinction. He nevertheless brought home his share of war injuries and while physically he survived the Cataclysm, he would never be the same again. He cared not to relive the horrors of the War or the nightmare that was the Mourning. He made true life-long deep bonds that were forged from steel and blood, fire and ash.

Thorenthuil vowed never to forget the close friends, former students, or his comrade at arms, those who gave the ultimate sacrifice or those who survived the crucible of war. He silently vowed not to speak of the horrors either in public or private. It was the only way he knew he could go on and still function. Externally, it was the closest of those he loved and cared for that brought him purpose and drive.

Internally, the scholar in him, always curious, wondered what ended the Last War; what was the true cause of the Cataclysm? Never satisfied with the answer, he always pushed the question into the back reaches of his mind, knowing the Truth was either most impossible or, worse, far more horrifying than the War itself.


After the Last War, Thorenthuil initially sought refuge back at the ir’Dural estate. The world would never seem the same again. He missed his family, friends and colleagues. However, before he could settle, Morgrave came calling. The War decimated the University’s faculty, and with the War over, new crops of students returned. The need for experienced teachers was greater than ever.

In due time, he resumed his research into antiquities, particularly arcane artifacts.

Disturbingly, the Citadel called upon his services with greater frequency to assist with cracking the most difficult or most dangerous of cases that threatened Breland. Thorenthuil re-established his network of contacts and informants, former pupils and academic colleagues, war veteran brethren, as well as family and social contacts.

Personality and Outlook

His roles have evolved over time and his personality and outlook evolved at the same time.

Theronthuil had gone from wide-eyed, innocent student, to learned teacher, to protector and defender. Above and through it all, he carried his innate curiosity through all phases of his life.

His war experience clearly has affected Theronthuil’s outlook. One cannot experience man’s inhumanity to man without being changed. He is much more sobered and less wide-eyed than before the War. His ‘night job’ investigating the most unspeakable crimes has hardened his outlook as well. One does not become exposed to the most heinous crimes, uncovering in the grimmest of detail, without being affected by it. However, that impact has been blunted at least somewhat by his sense of compassion for innocent victims.

Theronthuil has a very big heart, a soft spot so to speak for those who cannot defend themselves or who are not able to stand up to vileness. His care for and value of family, friends and loved ones, his students and colleagues only sharpened as they become even more dear to his heart. There is little he would not give, nothing he would not do that is within his means or power to protect those he’s let within his ‘inner circle’. And should something or anyone should threaten or harm someone he holds dear, his ire is raised and his wrath is fearsome indeed for he would not hesitate to unleash unimaginable power.


Theronthuil realizes perhaps more acutely than most, in many ways, only he stood in the way of greater acts of horror or far more atrocities. This realization steels his resolve to do all he can to protect the innocent and vulnerable, bring justice to the injured or wronged. This is his overriding goal.

  1. recover artifacts by following-up on the various snippet of clues he’s collected over the years from the combined libraries of Korranberg and Morgrave across the land of Khorvaire by leading expeditions
  2. assist local authorities at the behest of the Citadel in the investigations for high and most heinous crimes against Sharn and the state of Breland
  3. discover the true cause of the Mourning that killed so many close friends and countrymen and women


Some of the more obvious possible connections include: University Morgrave and the Library of Korranberg and affiliate colleges (fellow student, pupil, colleague, administrative staff), information networks in connection to criminal investigations, Last War, artifact expeditions (adventuring group)

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Thorenthuil ir'Dural

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