h3. Shem in a Nutshell

Shem is an exuberant thrill seeking “Hunter”, looking for objects that need to be found, information that needs to be discovered, people that need to disappear, and most importantly, experiences that needs to be relished.

Physical Description

When Shem is on assignment, he usually appears as a human of average height, and average build. His brown hair and pale blue eyes are not noteworthy unless they fix on you in anger. In that case you would swear that if fire could be frozen, then someone had done so and replaced his eyes with those frozen flames of crystal blue. His common garb is a loose fitting dark plain gray cowl and pants worn over his black leather armor. His only adornment is a plain hematite brooch at the nape of his neck, and even that is sometimes worn on his armor beneath the cowl. He walks with a casual stride that stops short of being considered confident, and would sooner politely step out of a person’s way than create a scene with a confrontation. He manages to make the broadsword on his hip look clumsy at times, and someone watching him would take him for a young merchant’s son who was wearing a new weapon he had purchased that very day. When his sword, Nightshade is drawn in anger, however, all that changes. The dull red stone at the end of the pommel flares to crimson life, black shadows swirling in its depths. The blade itself, normally light gray, darkens to a deeper, more menacing shade. His almost clumsy bearing where the sword is concerned quickly melts away, and a deadly grace is revealed, and Nightshade almost appears to be weaving shadows in the air as it bobs and cuts through the enemies defenses. Meanwhile, from somewhere beneath his baggy clothes a small round shield of some dark wood has appeared, and any answers his mark may have to Nightshade are quickly and efficiently turned away. Seeing him in swordplay might even give you a glimpse of the dark dragonmark that wraps around his forearm, peeking out from his deep tan bracers, made from dry, almost cracking leather.
When he is at play, you would never think he was the same man that you saw with pale blue eyes blazing. Those same eyes appear to be two peaceful pools, offset by a mischevious grin. Surely he either just got away with something, or is about to. His earlier calm is replaced by an almost boyish eagerness to see, learn, and explore. The thirst for experience is so plain in his word and posture that you would have to be dense not to sense it. Skittering up his arms, over the top of his head, or into pouches are two tiny charcoal grey monkeys (marmosets, actually) with deep green eyes. He laughs as he plays with them, and gives them bits of fruit to snack on. He calls them by name, Dusk and Dawn.


Shem has very little interest in wealth except when viewed as a means to an end: Adventure, and the pursuit of his Goals. He spends every penny he can save on new gadgets and trinkets that he can use to aid him in his assignments. He is not quite cocky, but he knows that he is good, and has yet to fail on a given task. He takes great pride in his track record, and hopes to maintain it indefinitely. When he is focused on combat, he is usually very single minded. When he is at play though, he loves to play practical jokes and have a good time… at his own expense or at others, it matters not.


Shem has passed through 4 distinct phases of his life. First, he experienced Childhood in the city of Korranberg in Zilargo, raised by loving parents who filled his head with adventure. Next he began a formal Education at the Jr. University of Oskilor, which brought to him to the time in his life that he speaks of among friends as The Joining. Now he is living near the University of Morgrave, accepting assignments in this, his new life as The Hunter.

Random Stories


  • Drago – Took a Combat Anatomy class from him at the University.
  • Balth – Shared information on several occasions.
  • Adamar – Helped care for Orphans by bringing by small animals and letting the kids play with them. Also helped track down an Orphan who had been orphan-napped.



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