Sharn City of Towers

You can see a great full size map of Sharn here.

The largest city on the continent of Khorvaire and one of the most important locations in the nation of Breland, Sharn looms atop an inhospitable outcrop of rock near the mouth of the Dagger River. The city is located on a plateau bounded on the west by the Dagger river and on the south by its eastern tributary, the Hilt. To thc north and east, steep cliffs define the city’s boundaries. Deep chasms formed by volcanic action cut thc plateau into five distinct regions:

Dura to the west.

Tavicks Landing to the east.

Northedge to the north. and the,

Central Plateau and

Menthis Plateau in the center.

Along the Dagger River at the western edge of the city, the neighborhood of Cliffside is built upon and into the steep riverside cliffs. Above the highest towers. the neighborhood of Skyway floats over the city in an ever-present display ofthe magic inherent in Sharn.

The city also extends underground. into sewers and longĀ·forgotten ruins. and deeper to the furnaces and foundries of the Cogs. The city’s impressive skyline is a riot of architectural styles and designs. From its deepest foundations to its highest spires, Sharn displays the history of the continent. Heavy. oppressive goblin architecture provides the base for much of the city, it’s stonework dating to a time when humans did not exist on this continent. Atop this ancient foundation, the periods of human civilization stack one on top of another as the city reaches for the clouds.

Sharn City of Towers

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