How Rigel became who he is: Rigel was born in Passage, just off of Lake Galifar and grew up knowing nothing but war. His father died in the Vanguard Keep when he was 11, and he started training with the royal guard when he was 14. Since the beginning, he has favored using two weapons as he is talented with both hands. At 16, he saw his first conflict, and, as the dying and dead didn’t make him queasy as it did his brothers in arms, he picked up the trade. For 10 years he saw a few battles, but for the most part, was kept in the rear to tend to the wounded. Though he wasn’t capable of the religious art of healing, many found that they ‘couldn’t’ die. When Rigel worked on them, the world didn’t seem so dark. They wanted to hang on. As Rigel wasn’t in the main battles, he didn’t really get his fair share of the spoils of war. He only got what he found from those who didn’t make it, or those that were brought to him already gone.

How Rigel knows the party: It was on a trip with the commanders of the Passage army that fate found him. Much happened that night, but the punchline is that he was dragged into the shadowfell as he watched his entire regiment burning in the small town they had just liberated. He vowed that ‘the gray-skins’ would pay. He had been in the shadowfell for two years (which felt like much longer), before he and the others (the party members in the shadowfell) found a way out.

Rigel feels that he owes these individuals a life-debt. Until it is paid, he will protect them with his life.

That being said: Rigel doesn’t trust the changeling (Shem). He doesn’t trust anything that he doesn’t know, and he feels he can never know something that doesn’t know itself. The Eladrins/Elves he enjoys the company of. Allthough one is extraordinarily serious, he still likes being around the fey kind. They remind him of stories his mother told him when he was a child. Any Humans he trusts almost completely (regardless of what that may mean in the future), as only they understand the true human condition. Any other players of other races he will be kind of skiddish around, but it doesn’t change the first point. Life-Debt.

Goals: 1) Rigel has a map. He doesn’t take it out unless he believes he isn’t being watched by strangers, and no one has seen what lies within the borders of that map. Whatever ‘is’ on that map, it seems he is often preoccupied with it. He is on a quest though, he wants to find out, more than many, what the mourning was, and how it happened. 2) Rigel once had dream of a facility that taught the nature behind life. This future place teaches the faith of man, and the study of man’s ailments, it teaches ways to heal without divine aid. Rigel would like to open this place in Sharn, but he has neither the resources nor the government sway…yet. 3) Her. He seeks a way to bring back his childhood love that was burned up in the land of mourning. So far, divine aid nor any magic he has been able to find could restore her or contact her in any way.

Appearance: Rigel is a unassuming man in his early 30s. He doesn’t stand out in any particular way. He can typically be found wearing a common cotton shirt and pants, and a leather jerkin that is old an worn. His hair is usually shaved close to the scalp. He could easily pass for a farmer or tradesmen. That is, except for the worn, dual short swords that hang at his sides.


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