Bunderash: A dwarven one-time explorer. Keeper and Seller of Exotic Animals. Friend and Landlord of Shem.

Illander Runewinkle: A librarian, sage, employment specialist, and gatherer and seller of information. Like a grandfather to Shem.

Fender Dindletook: Young halfling rogue living in the Cogs of Sharn. Information source and friend of Shem.

Og: Old Orc barkeep and owner of The Dripping Keg (in the Cogs).

Bobbin Thimbletweed: Young adult gnomish adventurer (ranger). Associate of the dwarf Bunderash, and friend of Shem.

Gideon Darkleaf: A retired adventuring Human Druid, Gideon lives deep in the Kings Forest.

Spike: Gideon’s intelligent (Spike says he is “awakened”) magebred enormous Bull Mastif.

Elban Wyvernsbane: The second eldest of a noble house in Sharn, Elban’s father is a well known moneylender who normally only lends money to those of noble birth (or great means).

Falon Coppershine: A middle aged dwarf who is a “grunt” on the city watch.

Aldin Stridden: A high ranking commander in the city watch, Aldin is a middle aged Eladrin.

Ting: A female tiefling who works as a fence in the Cogs. She doesn’t really have a permanent “store” location, but moves around every so often.

Barkley: A friendly gnoll innkeeper in the Cogs, Barkley is fiercely loyal to his guests.

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