The Cutting Edge: An arms store in the Sword Point district of the middle wards that specializes in heavy and light blades.

Bunderash’s Pet Bungalow: If you are not well versed in the ins and outs of nature, you may wish to quaff a dose of Antivenom before visiting the Bungalo. He has snakes, lizards, tiny monkeys, flying squirrels, miniature dragon eggs… you name it.


The Dripping Keg: In one of the lowest and most dangerous areas in the Cogs, there lies The Dripping Keg. It wasn’t always called that, but over the years the fact that every 3rd mug of whatever you’re having is free lead to jokes about Og putting mugs under his leaking kegs, and needing to empty out the mugs somewhere. Those jokes lead to the current name of the bar.


The Sleeping Dog: In a relatively safe neighborhood in the Cogs, there is a solid looking 4 story building that has a hanging sign in front of the door with a dog sleeping on his back with his legs up in the air and tongue hanging out of his mouth.

The Laughing Lass: This inn lies in the middle city portion of Tavicks Landing. The sign hanging out front is of a young girl grinning as she cuts the purse of a fat rich man.


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