Fractured Peace Recent Character Timelines

Activities between Zarantyr (January) 990 YK and Zarantyr (January) 992 YK

Shem: At Jr. University in Oskilar, in Zarantyr (January) 990 Shem (at the age of 16) is thrust into the fell by a freak intertwining of his friend’s Mark of Passage with his own Mark of Shadow during an exercise. Shem will call this event the Joining.

After a few days in the Shadowfell, Shem and his friend find one of the rare and remote communities that exist there. They are accepted and integrated. Shem learns more of his strange new powers, and how to control them. The Lord of the city-state takes Shem under his wing, teaching him more of the power of shadow, and even sending him on various missions that don’t stray far from the city itself.

Activities between Zarantyr (January) 992 YK and Therendor (March) 993 YK

Thorenthuil: Involved in numerous expeditions to Cyre for Houses Cannith and Jorasco searching for ancient artifacts believed to be linked to their marks of healing and making

Shem: Shem and his friend are sent back to Eberron by means of a powerful ritual. At the last second something goes wrong. Shem feels a rending, like his soul is being torn in two. Instead of finding himself with his friend in Eberron, he instead finds himself lost in unfamiliar territory… still in the Shadowfell. The two wander and do their best to live off the land, finding refuge wherever they can.

Rigel: On mission to Eldeen Reaches to assist Druids of the towering woods w/ Breland Raiding parties. In Therendor (Mar) 993 YK, Rigel and patrol walked through a shaded grove into the fey unknowingly.

Adamar: Fighting for Thrane along the border of Aundair. Under the command of a particularly fanatical leader, who believes all that cross his path must be forced into worship of the silver flame, or be put to death.

Balth: Whereabouts unknown….

Activities between Eyre (April) 993 YK and Therendor (March) 994 YK

Thorenthuil: House Jorasco sends Thoren, back to forest of Cyre west of Lake Galifar searching for a powerful artifact believed to be used for mass healing. In Therendor (March) 994 YK, after searching for months, finds the crypt rumored to hold the artifact

Rigel: After spending 11 months alone in the fell, In Olarune (Feb) 994 YK, Rigel meets Shem and his eladrin friend. After a tense introduction, they join forces to find their way out of the fell, and quickly become friends of necessity.

Shem: Having spent more than 12 months wandering the fell with his eladrin friend, Shem ultimately finds Rigel wandering the fell alone and nearly mad. They join forces to seek an escape

Adamar: After 21 months of servitude and war along the Andurian border, Adamar’s resolve has weakened as his commanders fanaticism has grown. Adamar ultimately goes Awol in Zarantyr (January) 994K, saving a captive cleric of Dol’ Arrah named brother Emis in the process. The pair spend the next several months dodging Thrane and Breland patrols alike as they cris cross the border between Aundair and Thrane south to Breland and Sharn, the location of the temple that Brother Emis calls home.

Balth: Whereabouts unknown….

Activities on Mol (Monday) the 2nd day of Eyre(April)

Adamar: Nearing the border of Breland on the morning of Mol (Monday) the 2nd day of Eyre(April) Adamar and Brother Emis of Dol’Arrah are attacked by a Thraneish patrol (Adamar having removed his military attire was not recognized) The Patrol beheads Br. Emis on the spot as a heretic and shackles Adamar.

Activities on Zol (Tuesday) the 3rd day of Eyre(April) 994 YK

Cyre is Destroyed and the Mournland is Created

  Thorenthuil: After spending several weeks studying the entry sequence, Thoren and his team enter the crypt and successfully recover the artifact. An unremarkable looking platinum wand. As Thoren slides the wand into his pouch however, a black cloud erupts from the air around him. Moments later Thoren and his team find themselves separated and prone in a blackened field surrounded by a heavy grey mist.

Rigel, Shem and Eladrin friend. Wandering together and losing hope as they only seem to uncover more swampy forest and desolate uninhabited grass lands. The trio is taken off guard when they crest a small hill to find themselves looking down upon a massive grey city. The city is built into the earth and appears to descend for miles into the swirling mists. The city looks uninhabited, and the three approach cautiously. As they wind through a narrow passage between two large rocks on the descent they lose site of the city for a moment.   Rounding the corner of the boulders, it’s as if their world was flipped inside out, the city that seconds before had been a pit in the earth, was now a series of massive towers flying out of site into the clouds above! Shem recognized the city immediately as the marvelous city of Sharn.   After the trio investigates, finding no gate or path back to where they had been, they quickly set to work on gaining entrance to Sharn. Shem helps Rigel with his conspicuous military attire and they gain entry, and quickly hear of the tragedy that has fallen upon Cyre.

Adamar: Shackled and grief stricken over the needless death of Br. Emis, Adamar feels no sense of hope as he is transported back to Thrane, no doubt to be killed once his identity is discovered. A rider coming into the camp pulls Adamar out of his thoughts, as a wail of fear ripples through the camp. Many grab horses and ride in various directions as their commander’s attempt to no avail to regain order. Moments later Adamar, finds himself alone and unguarded and once again makes a break for Breland, unaware of the tragedy that has just occurred.

Balth: Whereabouts unknown….

Activities between Eyre(April) 994 YK and Zarantyr (January) 996 YK

Thorenthuil: Thorenthuil and his men find their way out of the grey mist and return to Sharn realizing they are quite lucky to be alive after hearing other stories of the eradication of Cyre. The wand had gone missing in the event, and House Jorasco has forbidden Thoren or any of his team to speak of the expedition. Since that expedition, Thoren has continued to work for the Order of the Twelve as well as the Brelish government on various missions

Rigel: Alone in a foreign land, and finding little hospitality for one of Anduarion heritage, Rigel spends most of his time alone over the next two years. The war rages on and Rigel does his best to blend into the melting pot that is Sharn. Rigel does however befriend a curious Eladrin who he meets in the Tavick landing refugee quarter. Balth and Rigel, both new to Sharn become friends and share stories about their past as they explore Sharn together.

Shem: Shem leaving Rigel and his Eladrin friend behind, returned to Zilargo only to learn that both of his parents had been away in Cyre and disappeared on the day of mourning. Wanting to leave his past behind, Shem said his goodbye to Zilargo and his ties there ,and wandered for the better part of two years across the wartorn continent of Khorvaire. Shem eventually found himself returning to Sharn however where he has recently became a… inconspicuous operative. When something needs to be found, (particularly something that disappeared with help from an undesirable in the first place), the word on the street is that Shem is a very good option for finding it.

Adamar: Arriving in Sharn, and learning the fate of Cyre and the creation of the Mournland, Adamar is crushed. So much death and destruction is too much for him to bear. Adamar sells his remaining weapons and finds the temple of Dol’ Arrah where his cleric friend had lived. He shares the story of his demise with the other clerics and asks if he may seek the divine guidance of Dol’ Arrah in his departed friends honor by remaining at the temple for a time.   Adamar spends the next 12 months in service to Dol’ Arrah until he is touched with a divine light during a moment of deep meditation.

Balth: Balth arrives in Sharn looking as if he is at the end of some long and tiring journey. Quickly finding residence in a modest apartment in Tavick’s landing. A man of the people so to speak, Balth quickly finds his way around the middle and lower wards, making connections and friends as he goes. Within the matter of a few short months Balth has deciphered much of the business dealings in the lower wards and has created an impressive network of information gatherers.   Balth has become particularly good friends with Rigel, who he met by chance in a market in Tavick’s landing when Rigel, being interested in meeting someone who reminded him of home, asked if he was from the Eldeen Reaches

Nymm (June) 996 YK – Treaty of Thronehold is signed ending the Last War
Nymm (June) 996 YK – Olarune (Feb) 998 YK

Thorenthuil:  With the new peace accord, Thorenthuil finds himself in higher demand not only by the neutral houses, but also King Boranel’s court as well. Thorenthuil is honored by appointment to an elite organization within the court, and is welcome to serve alongside Max, his brother who has been a king’s shield for the last 10 years.   Thorenthuil is still accepting commissions from the 12 however, and has just recently completed a highly classified mission for one of the more prominent houses. With Thorenthuil’s appointment to the king’s court he has also found himself with living accommodations on the central plateau in middle city.

Rigel: Rigel and Balth’s friendship solidifies. Balth tracks down a childhood friend of Rigel’s that he did not know was now living in Sharn. The friend is Father Mordachi, a priest of the 7th order, a small obscure religion with a faltering flock. Father Mordachi was a mentor and friend to Rigel when he was young . The father has developed a love for the healing arts, inspired by ancient druidic texts, and transfers the passion to Rigel.

Rigel spends a great deal of his time, when not with Balth, researching these ancient “alternative” forms of healing and is convinced that they may be more powerful and humane form then anything currently available in eberron.

Shem: Shem’s reputation continued to grow during peace time and Shem finds that the city of Sharn truly suits him. The level of anonymity and adventure it provides insures that Shem’s abilities are useful and in high demand. Shem and Balth have become frequent business associates, finding that they each have strengths and weaknesses in certain areas of information gathering and item retrieval that they can help each other with.  They are all surprised when the triangle is completed one day and Rigel is with Balth when he comes to visit Shem. Rigel and Shem had not seen one another since they parted ways over two years earlier. The small world that is Eberron becomes a frequent joke for a time

Adamar: Adamar is called to service by Dol’ Arrah and feels compelled to return to the world beyond the confines of the temple and assist those in need using his skills as a healer and warrior. During his time at the temple, Adamar learned that brother Emis spent a lot of his time in an orphanage for children who had lost their parents to the war. Adamar takes up residence in the basement of the orphanage and dedicates much of his time to helping the children, and his help comes none too soon as a veritable flood of children of all ages begins arriving from the mournland.   Adamar meets Balth, a curious Eladrin that initially Admar thought was exploiting the children of the orphanage, but Adamar quickly realizes that Balth’s relationship with the children he “employs” is one of mutual respect. Balth is giving many of the children opportunities they could not get elsewhere and Adamar sees that Balth cares for them deeply. The pair develop a common bond in caring for the children, and work together on several occasions over the next 16 months in tracking down kidnappers and others who seek to take advantage of the refugees that are coming into Sharn and tavick’s landing in droves.   Through this relationship with Balth, Adamar also comes to know Rigel quite well also, and to a lesser degree Shem who he has met on occasions when working with Balth.

Balth: Balth much like Shem has spent a great deal of time growing a reputation and network in Sharn and more recently also across certain parts of Khorvaire. The recent influx of refugees, particularly children, have given Balth a lot of opportunity to hire new competent runners for his network. Balth has recently made the acquaintance of Adamar, a young cleric of Dol’ Arrah that has taken up residence in an orphanage that many of Balth’s trusted runners call home.

Fractured Peace Recent Character Timelines

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