Brotherhood of Cleansing

Little concrete information is available about the Brotherhood and most of what can be found is heavily disputed and often based upon here say and urban legend. It is accepted by most people however that the organization has one single goal or aspiration;

Dismantle the mechanizations of arcane practice within the world of Eberron through any means necessary.

The brotherhood’s theory is that the cause of the day of mourning was arcane in nature, and that some terrible arcane experiment gone wrong was the cause of the hundreds of thousands of deaths that day.

In much of Khorvaire, even the mention of the Brotherhood is subject to severe punishment.

The hardest hit to date by the brotherhood is the establishment of House Cannith, It’s prominent position as suppliers of arcane devices such as the controversial warforged, as well as the invention of the lightening rail, has put this house square in the sites of the brotherhood it seems.

House Lyrandar and House Orien have also felt the impact of the brotherhood, as Lyrandar’s elemental airships and House Orien’s lightening rail operation are favorite targets of Brotherhood attacks.

The Brotherhood seems to operate in small organizations and has claimed responsibility for many attacks across many parts of Khorvaire. Most recently a rash of extremely large and violent attacks within Sharn, the City of Towers has made them public enemy number one

Brotherhood of Cleansing

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