Harsh features, but kind words are how most see this Eladrin. He doesn’t seem to worry much about people’s appearances, and is constantly surrounded by his runners. They’re either feeding him information or he’s sending them on errands. He is a man of information, and he seems to revel in the hunt of more. His words are calculated, but he seems a good-natured sort. He seems quick with the sword, and quick to lend a hand to help those in need, when he can. The runners he utilizes are orphans he is working to keep from a life of crime on the street. He seems to know that side of town, as well; and has connections there, but the children are never sent.

He seems either not to care, or is it ignorance that seems to allow him to treat everyone he meets equally? He seems to be a man who knows how to get things. And in these parts, that’s mighty handy to have.

He outsources and sells information to the university, and makes donations to several temples around town. He speaks reverently of “My Lady” and does not talk much about the large scar that runs from under his chin to into his hairline other than to say “I was playing with the wrong end of a sword.”

Friends and Allies

Relan a red haired freckle faced orphan who has proven particularly loyal and valuable to Balth during his stay in Sharn


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