fractured peace

Fun House
"Mmmmm... Pancakes...

The group continues the fight against the Poltregeists and find the three a bit less of a foe then maybe they first anticipated. The spirits were still difficult to dispatch as they seemed to phase away just when teh party had them cornered, but with a bit of patience the team prevailed largely unscathed. Rigel made a special connection w/ one of the poltergeists when he told it all he wanted to do was release it. The poltergeist re payed Rigel’s good intentions by leading him to a hidden treasure in a cookbook “Henrie’s favorite flapjacks” amidst the myraid of books in the library.

The party also found an unexpected occupant in an antechamber of the main stacks, an incapaciated warforged by the name of Umber, books near umber suggested that he is actually a key to the magical wards that supposedly guard the creation forge that exists below the city of sharn.  After releasing Umber from the shackles that kept him in a sleep state, and befriending him The party found themselves trapped in the library. The library worked against their desire to leave, as each turn they took seemed to lead back to where they came, and no stair or corridor was in the same place twice.  After several frustrating wrong turns, a dwarven artificer appeared from behind a door and quickly led the party to safety beyond the confines of the library.  The dwarven artificer by the name of Obrack gave Shem a jade ring inscribed with a leaf, supposedly a gift from Professor Trevor and instructed them to meet Trevor's in the garden near the arboretum at once.  The party was taken aback as they exited the library as it felt as if the group had been in the library only a short time, perhaps an hour, but actually they had been there at least 6-7 hours.
Beating up Dummies and Dying to Read a Good Book
You're *friends* with Dr. Barthollamew?!

Our heroes were summoned to attend one of the leaders of Sharn (forgot the dwarf woman’s name) over a meal. After we eat she explains to us that she is grateful that we rescued the children, and asks us for another favor. She wants us to do two things: First we need to get into the library at a fair sized Artificer Academy to retrieve a special book on wards. After we have the book, we need to travel beneath Sharn to locate a Creation Forge, verifying that it is really there, and basically finding out who runs it if it is in use.

We went on to the academy, posing as two professors, two students/teachers aids, and a porter of sorts. We easily gained admittance, and were promptly given a tour of the place. Towards the end of the tour, we were watching some kids in mock combat when something went wrong. Five practice mannequins came to life and attacked everyone. We managed to put them down (gaining a magic wand in the process… the girl would have hurt with it anyway), and promptly were given access to the Special Collections section of the library. The fact is, they want our help! There are some poltergeists that have taken up residence in Special Collections, and the school has had a hard time of getting rid of them. We entered the library, and just started trading blows with the pesky things.

"Dammit! I said _stay HERE_ you stupid OAF!

Our heroes manage to finish off the thugs in the entry area, and decide to push forward without taking a rest. Our brave warrior, a shortsword in each hand, stepped into the next room just in time to hit a lumbering ogre, then glance over his shoulder for backup. Before backup was able to arrive, however, he was riddled with arrows, falling to the ground… dying.

Before anything else could go wrong, Shem grabbed Rigel by the scruff of the neck, hauled him back through the doorway (and back to safety), and promptly closed the door. At that point our heroes decided a bit of rest was in order. Luckily the villains decided to wait for us to come to them, and we were able to take that rest.

After resting, we hid in the shadows within the “safe room”, and slowly opened the double doors. After a brief time, the leader of the slavers sent the same ogre to go poke his head in and investigate. Much to the ogre’s dismay, Shem dropped a shadowy noose around his neck and yanked him into the room. Standing between Shem and Rigel, taking a beating from both sides (not to mention the barrage from Adamar and Theron), he panicked and tried to run away. Meanwhile the Noble who is running the show is berating the ogre, telling him that he is supposed to wait for us to come to them. Surprisingly, he was able to move back into the other room (still being chewed out by the noble), where he stopped, panting. Suddenly, Shem reformed his noose of shadow, ganking the ogre back through the doorway yet again. Sadly, this killed the ogre, ending the fun.

After that, the Noble realized that he had himself a standoff. Eventually we managed to work out a deal where we purchased the enslaved children (6 of them) from the slavers (using the cash that belonged to the slavers in the first place), and send them on their way after they made a vow never to enslave children again. We also learned who contracted the deal… a goblin by the name of Gnarl, and agent from Droam is our man. He was willing to pay well for as many children as they could round up, ages 5 to 10. Gnarl was last seen in a small village in southern Audair (we have a map and instructions to get there) wearing a long brown cloak, and bore a scar on his right cheek. Whatever gave him the scar must have taken his vision in that eye as well, as it was partially clouded. Unless we are mistaken, our friend who is on his way to Zilargo (should probably be there in around 3 days) will probably know when and to where the children are to be delivered, so we have a few possible leads.

Second Chances
"Edgar? Ohh... You must mean that dead guy at the top of the stairs!"

Fought Curiel, an agent of an unknown powerful organization in Sharn who was evidently coming to purchase the kidnapped children, easily besting the do-jo trained assassin knife fighter, the party parlayed him w/ words, convincing him to change his ways and leave town. He offered them the knowledge to gain access to the hideout of the kidnappers before he left and took Shem’s offer to start a new life in Zilargo, leaving his one of a kind rapier, given to him when he graduated the knife fighters assassin school as a symbol of the new man he would become.

A freak moment of luck found the party surprising a thug who was leaving the hideout just as they prepared to break the door down. Surprising the thug, Shem snaps his neck, rather unintentionally, and key in hand assumes his identity and fools his way into the hideout. Soon however a miscue in the conversation when Shem speaks of a lesson his momma always used to tell him things go south as he learns that Edgar, the thug he had assumed the identity of didn’t even know who his mother was!

The thugs in the cellar being tipped off by Shem’s lie, fly into melee and a pitched battle ensues, as Thorenduiel finds himself inadvertently sanding in the front lines fighting for his life, using all his magical abilites to deflect and distract his enemies. As Thoren throws out a massive cloud of noxious gas, the slavers who crawled out of a muddy pit to attack, collapse the entry stair the party was standing on, leaving them in a heaping pile of boards and debris.

"Uhm... That is 40' up man."

A certain patron had recruited a few experienced veterans to seek out and return a schema. The 4 of us had known each other for various reasons, and working together was a pleasure…

After following the directions given to us by our sponsor, and discussing our abilities a bit, we arrive at the caverns that we have been told contain the schema we’re looking for. After a bit of scouting, Shem returns to report that the coast is clear. We all head in, and are pleased to discover that all we have to do is a little swimming and we’ll be merrily on our way…

Not so much.

The second that Rigel reached the bottom of the pool where the chest that contains the schema is stored, we all (well, everyone but Rigel) began to hear sounds like snapping and cracking leather. Looking around, we realize (especially Shem, who is able to realize from up close) that we are being ambushed by a… um… flock (?) of harpies. All of the characters react instantly (well, Rigel reacts by swimming to surface), and soon we are surrounded by feathers and haggish looking topless bird-women. Yuck. To make matters worse, after a couple rounds, a beefy Trog swims into the melee, and lets loose with a nasty claw attack. Harpies are belching up flames and ash, the Trog stinks worse than a cheese-ball made from “under toenail” stuff, and he’s laying the smack down on Rigel. Don’t ask Rigel or Adamar how the battle went, by the way, because they saw about 1/10 of it and were blind the rest of the time. Regardless, Rigel was able to hold them at bay long enough for Adamar to summon a really cool (though looking a bit stern) spirit guy who radiated healing. Every time someone next to him connected with an attack, they had their health restored. Meanwhile, Shem and Thoren have split off from the group to take out the smaller harpies who haven’t given either of them much choice in the matter. By the time Shem and Thoren got back to the main fray, Adamar and Rigel had softened up the other monsters suchthat taking them out wasn’t too difficult.

While we were in pretty good health, we also had almost nothing left to give in terms of combat. We rested for a few minutes and managed to obtain the chest the schema was kept in. We headed back to civilization, our friendship and level of trust increased. Thoren sold the schema to his contact and we split the spoils (except for the bits of harpy and trog that Shem had collected, which nobody much wanted anyway).

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