Drago Brand

An Ex-military Captain from Karnnath, Drago Brand left more than his arm behind on the border between Karnnath and Cyre.


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Order of Rekkenmark
“With this sword, I will defend Karrnath to the last. Its shine is my shine,
for I will be a fl ash of glory for Karrnath. Its sharpness is my sharpness,
for I will outwit any who oppose me. Its steel is my steel, for I will neither
bend nor break in my duties.”
—Part of the “Oath of the Sword” administered
to Rekkenmark’s advanced graduates
For almost a thousand years, the best military offi cers
in Galifar graduated from Karrnath’s Rekkenmark
Academy and joined the Order of Rekkenmark.
During the Last War, members of the Order led Karrnath’s
armies to victory time and again, often against
daunting odds. Even in a time of peace, the opal ring
that marks a member of the Order earns more respect
from veteran soldiers than a dozen medals.

Drago Brand

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