fractured peace


"Dammit! I said _stay HERE_ you stupid OAF!

Our heroes manage to finish off the thugs in the entry area, and decide to push forward without taking a rest. Our brave warrior, a shortsword in each hand, stepped into the next room just in time to hit a lumbering ogre, then glance over his shoulder for backup. Before backup was able to arrive, however, he was riddled with arrows, falling to the ground… dying.

Before anything else could go wrong, Shem grabbed Rigel by the scruff of the neck, hauled him back through the doorway (and back to safety), and promptly closed the door. At that point our heroes decided a bit of rest was in order. Luckily the villains decided to wait for us to come to them, and we were able to take that rest.

After resting, we hid in the shadows within the “safe room”, and slowly opened the double doors. After a brief time, the leader of the slavers sent the same ogre to go poke his head in and investigate. Much to the ogre’s dismay, Shem dropped a shadowy noose around his neck and yanked him into the room. Standing between Shem and Rigel, taking a beating from both sides (not to mention the barrage from Adamar and Theron), he panicked and tried to run away. Meanwhile the Noble who is running the show is berating the ogre, telling him that he is supposed to wait for us to come to them. Surprisingly, he was able to move back into the other room (still being chewed out by the noble), where he stopped, panting. Suddenly, Shem reformed his noose of shadow, ganking the ogre back through the doorway yet again. Sadly, this killed the ogre, ending the fun.

After that, the Noble realized that he had himself a standoff. Eventually we managed to work out a deal where we purchased the enslaved children (6 of them) from the slavers (using the cash that belonged to the slavers in the first place), and send them on their way after they made a vow never to enslave children again. We also learned who contracted the deal… a goblin by the name of Gnarl, and agent from Droam is our man. He was willing to pay well for as many children as they could round up, ages 5 to 10. Gnarl was last seen in a small village in southern Audair (we have a map and instructions to get there) wearing a long brown cloak, and bore a scar on his right cheek. Whatever gave him the scar must have taken his vision in that eye as well, as it was partially clouded. Unless we are mistaken, our friend who is on his way to Zilargo (should probably be there in around 3 days) will probably know when and to where the children are to be delivered, so we have a few possible leads.


kenlyl JaredMecham

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