fractured peace

Second Chances

"Edgar? Ohh... You must mean that dead guy at the top of the stairs!"

Fought Curiel, an agent of an unknown powerful organization in Sharn who was evidently coming to purchase the kidnapped children, easily besting the do-jo trained assassin knife fighter, the party parlayed him w/ words, convincing him to change his ways and leave town. He offered them the knowledge to gain access to the hideout of the kidnappers before he left and took Shem’s offer to start a new life in Zilargo, leaving his one of a kind rapier, given to him when he graduated the knife fighters assassin school as a symbol of the new man he would become.

A freak moment of luck found the party surprising a thug who was leaving the hideout just as they prepared to break the door down. Surprising the thug, Shem snaps his neck, rather unintentionally, and key in hand assumes his identity and fools his way into the hideout. Soon however a miscue in the conversation when Shem speaks of a lesson his momma always used to tell him things go south as he learns that Edgar, the thug he had assumed the identity of didn’t even know who his mother was!

The thugs in the cellar being tipped off by Shem’s lie, fly into melee and a pitched battle ensues, as Thorenduiel finds himself inadvertently sanding in the front lines fighting for his life, using all his magical abilites to deflect and distract his enemies. As Thoren throws out a massive cloud of noxious gas, the slavers who crawled out of a muddy pit to attack, collapse the entry stair the party was standing on, leaving them in a heaping pile of boards and debris.


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