fractured peace


"Uhm... That is 40' up man."

A certain patron had recruited a few experienced veterans to seek out and return a schema. The 4 of us had known each other for various reasons, and working together was a pleasure…

After following the directions given to us by our sponsor, and discussing our abilities a bit, we arrive at the caverns that we have been told contain the schema we’re looking for. After a bit of scouting, Shem returns to report that the coast is clear. We all head in, and are pleased to discover that all we have to do is a little swimming and we’ll be merrily on our way…

Not so much.

The second that Rigel reached the bottom of the pool where the chest that contains the schema is stored, we all (well, everyone but Rigel) began to hear sounds like snapping and cracking leather. Looking around, we realize (especially Shem, who is able to realize from up close) that we are being ambushed by a… um… flock (?) of harpies. All of the characters react instantly (well, Rigel reacts by swimming to surface), and soon we are surrounded by feathers and haggish looking topless bird-women. Yuck. To make matters worse, after a couple rounds, a beefy Trog swims into the melee, and lets loose with a nasty claw attack. Harpies are belching up flames and ash, the Trog stinks worse than a cheese-ball made from “under toenail” stuff, and he’s laying the smack down on Rigel. Don’t ask Rigel or Adamar how the battle went, by the way, because they saw about 1/10 of it and were blind the rest of the time. Regardless, Rigel was able to hold them at bay long enough for Adamar to summon a really cool (though looking a bit stern) spirit guy who radiated healing. Every time someone next to him connected with an attack, they had their health restored. Meanwhile, Shem and Thoren have split off from the group to take out the smaller harpies who haven’t given either of them much choice in the matter. By the time Shem and Thoren got back to the main fray, Adamar and Rigel had softened up the other monsters suchthat taking them out wasn’t too difficult.

While we were in pretty good health, we also had almost nothing left to give in terms of combat. We rested for a few minutes and managed to obtain the chest the schema was kept in. We headed back to civilization, our friendship and level of trust increased. Thoren sold the schema to his contact and we split the spoils (except for the bits of harpy and trog that Shem had collected, which nobody much wanted anyway).


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