fractured peace

Beating up Dummies and Dying to Read a Good Book

You're *friends* with Dr. Barthollamew?!

Our heroes were summoned to attend one of the leaders of Sharn (forgot the dwarf woman’s name) over a meal. After we eat she explains to us that she is grateful that we rescued the children, and asks us for another favor. She wants us to do two things: First we need to get into the library at a fair sized Artificer Academy to retrieve a special book on wards. After we have the book, we need to travel beneath Sharn to locate a Creation Forge, verifying that it is really there, and basically finding out who runs it if it is in use.

We went on to the academy, posing as two professors, two students/teachers aids, and a porter of sorts. We easily gained admittance, and were promptly given a tour of the place. Towards the end of the tour, we were watching some kids in mock combat when something went wrong. Five practice mannequins came to life and attacked everyone. We managed to put them down (gaining a magic wand in the process… the girl would have hurt with it anyway), and promptly were given access to the Special Collections section of the library. The fact is, they want our help! There are some poltergeists that have taken up residence in Special Collections, and the school has had a hard time of getting rid of them. We entered the library, and just started trading blows with the pesky things.


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